Our philosophy and goal is the sense of gratification we reach in designing and delivering a grounding and energizing project. We see each project as a sanctuary that embeds a yearning to return to, like a butterfly to the light, like a dancing particle to the ray of sun.

Dancing Particles looks at every design as a unique and significant contribution to a sense of well being and happiness of those who will be embracing the space. Our job is to design a harmonious home that best suits its natural setting, based on the project requirements. We manage the landscape and natural setting to achieve the best feeling and energy for the neighborhood and our clients.  


Our interactions with clients starts with as many interview sessions as needed to get a sense of what is important to each of the persons who will be living in the space. We ask them about what gives them a sense of calm, revitalization, and peace. We ask them to describe their day from the moment they wake up in the morning to when they go to bed and connect all the steps in between. We reach fulfilment when considering different personalities and design requests, everyone involved gets a sense that the design we present is exactly what they had envisioned. 

"I feel that the home I design should embrace those within, like a sanctuary or a place of reflection. I Want that sensation for my clients every time they reach their home or office space I have designed."

My designs are always mindful of the surrounding flora and fauna. Healthy mature trees and plants as much as possible need to be preserved within the design to protect the insects, birds and small mammals that we all so cherish as part of our landscape, while adding privacy, sound and weather protection. We believe structures should blend well within its natural setting, whatever it may be. 

For most people a custom designed and built home is one of the most emotional and financial investments they make. We see many couples who go through a self discovery transformation when they really start to think and dream out their idyllic habitat. We are able to delicately help people navigate through this emotional and sometime confusing period. This my most rewarding outcome. Designing, building and Leaving behind a timeless place that those who call home, cherish everyday is my design philosophy.



Negar Ghorashi, M.Arch


Bahar Ghoreishi, M.A, M.Des
Creative Director

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